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Great to meet you! Whether you're looking to get out and adventure, or bring the adventure into your special occasion or life event, we've got you covered.


Adventure Tours. All-inclusive day and overnight trips. Activities, transportation, rental gear, and a free photo and video package. Like having a guide and personal paparazzi in one. Custom trips available. 


Photography Services. Portraits, family photos, engagement, weddings, special events, and outdoor sports photography. We specialize in incorporating secret spots and breathtakingly unique places.


Drone Aerial Photo + Videography Services. Everything looks amazing from a bird's eye view. Fully licensed, insured, and FAA compliant, so footage is usable for your personal or commercial use.


Community Give Back Program. Every month, we select one individual or family in-need, or a great local nonprofit, to receive a free trip or photo video shoot. Nominate yourself or someone awesome.


Internet shopping for the win. Gear for friends, family, birthdays and anniversaries you just remembered, and for being adventure ready. Coming soon!

Every Monday, people would ask us, “where in the world did you go this weekend?” We’d always reply, at home right here in the Pacific Northwest.

And that’s how Two of a Feather started - helping friends, family, locals, and visitors make their free time and special moments epic.
— China + Kirti



Kirtiraja (Raj) Zakheim and China Kirk are husband and wife photographer-videographers based in Portland, Oregon, and founders of Two of a Feather, offering small group adventure tours in the Pacific Northwest, professional photography and videography services. Two of a Feather also provides a monthly free adventure or service to nominated families or nonprofits through its #FeatherFeels Community Give Back Program. 

Having photographed and lived throughout the world including coastal USA, a fishing boat in Florida, an ashram in India, and a yurt in Canada, they both agree that the west coast is the best coast and PNW its most stunning. 

Raj and China can be found backpacking, surfing, snowboarding and exploring year-round in their converted van along with their dog, Milo.  

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